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La Plaine, Hautes Alpes, France
The village where many of the Mazet's came from.

Antoine Galland & Marie Mazet

Auguste Mazet & Jeanne Disdier in Poligny, France

Camille Mazet & Louise Escalle Wedding in 1918

Camille Marius Mazet in 1967

Back: Jackie Mazet & Sharon Herbst
Front: Violet Sauer-Mazet, Louise Escalle-Mazet, Lorraine Mazet-Herbst

Louise Escalle-Mazet & Cindy Mazet

Gene Gardner & Louise Mazet-Gardner

Back: Gene Gardner & Louise Mazet-Gardner
Front: Kelly Gardner & Jerry Gardner

Gene Gardner & Louise Mazet-Gardner

George Mazet, Doris Portschy-Mazet & Dennis Mazet

John Herbst Sr. & Camille Marius Mazet

John Mazet, Louise Escalle-Mazet & Lorraine Mazet-Herbst

Back: Camille Marius Mazet(holding baby) & Louise Escalle-Mazet(hands on Louise's shoulders)
Front Children: Camille Mazet, John Mazet(baby), Louise Mazet & George Mazet

Joseph Mazet & Rose Gonsollin-Mazet & Camille Mazet & Louise Escalle-Mazet

Back: Marcelle Mazet-Favier & Joseph Favier
Front: Marcelle Favier & Josette Favier

Back: Delphine Mazet-Lauzier & Paul Lauzier
Front: Paul Lauzier, Lorraine Mazet, & Yvonne Mazet

Lorraine Mazet-Lambert & Dean Lambert

Louise Georgia Mazet Graduation

Louise Adrienne Antonia Escalle-Mazet

Pierre Mazet